Author: Joy Reid

Is Bitcoin the Next Currency?

Most people are aware of the fact that Bitcoin is the first and the most notable virtual currency. But many people still don’t fully grasp the concept behind this currency and how to trade it on the Forex market. Well, let me explain to you the Bitcoin basics. I can assure you that you will […]

Bitcoin ERA

Bitcoin ERA Review It is always a delight to review auto-trading websites for cryptocurrency. Many traders are earning daily profits from this new innovation, Few investors who are not sure about the best auto trading platforms to use. This is why my team and I test the popular auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency to know […]

What is Bitcoin Miner Capitulation? How Will it Affect the Market?

If have checked the Crypto Twitter throughout the past few weeks, you must have seen the term “miner defeat” quoted over and over again. And the matter is, only few investors can understand what is meant by this, and what effects implies “defeat” is going to have on the elaborate Bitcoin, and the cryptography market. […]

Bitcoin Traders Get Bearish (Again) After Price Sinks Under $8,000

Oh My God, yet again the tolerates have taken control over the market of cryptocurrency, throwing the BTC below the key $8,000 support cap since a multi battle above mentioned level. And at the moment of writing this note, the cryptocurrency is trading for $7450, down by 6% during the last 24 hours. Although the […]

The Best 5 Tips for Forex Trading Beginners

The forex interchange has now turn out to be one of the most beneficial happenings in the past few years. And quite a lot of people are looking to start getting busy in the world of finance. And as we know, the currency market is ahead trillions of dollars on day to day basis, and […]

How Can A Forex Broker Help You When Trading?

The currency trading is in practice since a long time. However, it never happened before 1970s when we saw the formation of the modern market for foreign exchange. And doing a fast forward till the 21st century, you will now find a lot more than 10 million online forex traders. The Forex exchange provides various […]

A Few Benefits for Bitcoin Beginners to Appreciate

If you are thinking of entering into the crypto universe or if you have just recently made your first speculation, you may still be inventing the advantages of the bitcoin in contrast to the credit card, online bank accounts as well as digital wallet which you are used to. And in a nonconcrete intelligence, the […]