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Bitcoin Code Review – Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

You may have seen some of the Bitcoin Code reviews that are doing the rounds online. Many of them are asking, is Bitcoin Code a scam? The software has certainly caused a great deal of interest in the cryptocurrency and binary trading worlds. The platform claims that users can earn thousands of dollars investing with its highly technical cryptocurrency trading algorithms. To help you figure things out, our Bitcoin Code review is designed to shine a spotlight on how this automated trading platform works and how much money you can expect to make from minimum initial deposits of only $250.

What is the Bitcoin Code?

The Bitcoin Code is best described as an automated trading platform that can perform trades for the user. The robots analyse the current market trends in real-time, identify the potentially profitable trades, and perform transactions on behalf of the user. Basically, the system buys the cryptocurrency at a low price and sells to make a profit when the price rises.

The fantastic thing about using the Bitcoin Code is that the users don’t need any expert knowledge to start trading and earning a profit from cryptocurrencies trading. After we opened an account to test the system, we discovered that hundreds of users are already making deposits and earning through the system.

It is possible to perform manual trades and make a profit, but this option is only available to traders who have undergone some form of formal training to learn how manual trading works. With the Bitcoin Code, everyone can sign up and enjoy the gains from cryptocurrency trading.

The software engineers and tech analysts in my team were able to test the algorithm used on the Bitcoin Code, we studied the analysis report and realised that transactions done on this platform are 0.1 seconds faster than the regular market. This puts all users at an advantage to earn more from the market, considering the high win rate this advantage brings to the platform.

We also have to commend the developers for setting the deposit limit as low as $250, at such a low rate, more people can afford to sign up and start earning daily. We were also happy about this because we needed to create a real account and trade; it would have been tough for us if the minimum deposit was very high.

We think the idea to add multiple payment options of the platform is a great idea; more people can make deposits using any of the options and start earning from their location.

Overall, we have tested the system and found out that Bitcoin Code has one of the highest win rates at 99.4%. This means that every user can start earning from their first trading session using the Bitcoin Code.

Below, I have written the procedure we followed to test all the features of the Bitcoin Code. First, we needed to create a new account.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
bitcoin code The best choice  Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

Creating a Bitcoin Code account

The process we followed to create an account was simple, and straight forward, everyone can do it. However, there is a customer support team on standby to help people who encounter any issues at this account opening stage.

Step 1: Registration

We noted that it was free to open a new account. The registration form was downloaded from the website, and we entered the needed information- an email address, full name, and a phone number. After submitting this information, we waited for the new account to be activated.

Step 2: Activating the account

The information we entered was first verified, and an email sent to us to confirm a successful verification and that our new account has been activated. Next, we had to make a deposit to start live trading.

Step 3: Making a deposit

As I stated earlier, we found different payment options to make a deposit. For this test, we decided to start with the lowest deposit allowed on the system, which is $250. I have listed some of the payment options on Bitcoin Code below;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GeoTrust
  • PCI

We selected the MasterCard option to deposit $250 for our project; however, the highest deposit that can be made to trade on Bitcoin Code is $15,000. But it is best for new users to start with the minimum deposit of $250 and start earning before increasing their investment.

Step 4: Activating auto trading

Bitcoin Code allows users to select the manual or auto trading feature; this means experienced traders like me can use the system and manage the transactions personally, however, the auto trading feature seems more convenient considering the high win rate of 99.4% why bother trading manually? We noticed that different trading pairs for cryptocurrencies were available on the platform; for example, the robots can choose trading pairs by matching Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Ripple, which are all available on the auto trading platform. These trading pairs are matched against global currencies such as the Dollar, Pounds, and others to offer users a reasonable conversion rate.

Before activating the live trade feature, we needed to set the stop-loss limit; this feature makes it possible to avoid losses because the cryptocurrency market can be quite volatile. When you set a stop loss limit, the system will not exceed the value you have indicated while performing live trades for you.

There is also a demo account; this feature can be used by investors who want to study how Bitcoin Code robots perform trades for users. The demo system is a simulation of the real trading procedure without the use of real money.

We tested the demo feature, and it worked flawlessly. Then we proceeded to activate the live trading on our account. At the end of our first trading session, we were delighted to see that the robots had placed strategic trades for us, and we made a profit. It was a true confirmation that the high win ratio we calculated was correct.

Meet the Man who invented Bitcoin Code


The Bitcoin Code was developed and established by Steve McKay; he is an entrepreneur and software engineer. His idea was to develop an auto trading system that could comprehensively analyse global markets and perform trades for users to help them earn a profit. After our tests, we can say his goals have been achieved.

Steve McKay worked for many years to develop the unique algorithm that runs the Bitcoin Code. His goal was to develop software that could be used by everyone with minimal input from the user. To stay ahead of the market, Steve McKay focused on developing an auto trading system for cryptocurrencies that could perform quick automated transactions for all users.

We know that at the time of this review, Bitcoin Code is available to investors in over 150 countries.

Why everyone should use Bitcoin Code

We have tested this auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies, and it works excellently, we even made a profit after testing the live trading feature. The testimonials from current users are amazing, and we have confirmed they are true. Some users earn as much as $1,500 daily, this is a great opportunity to grow a passive income, and we want more people to take advantage of it.

So far, we have tested many auto trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, many of them turned out to be scams, but Bitcoin Code is legit and recommended by our team.


We also noticed that compared to other trading platforms, the requirements to open a new Bitcoin Code account are few and simple. Some platforms require much information, and this prolongs the time it takes to open a new account. However, on Bitcoin Code, our account was ready in less than ten minutes. We also tested the withdrawal process; this was another great experience. Our withdrawal request was processed within 24-hours. This is really fast compared to other trading platforms.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
bitcoin code The best choice  Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

How It Works

The super-fast transactions that can be done with the Bitcoin Code have attracted many users. We tested the system to confirm that it is possible to perform hundreds of transactions per minute, with a high level of accuracy. We can say that the Bitcoin Code has remarkably thrived in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, which presents varying risks.

My research revealed that all the users combined have performed trades valued at millions of dollars since the Bitcoin Code was invented. The profit is shared between the users and the system.

I am certain the Bitcoin Code is effective after our gains with a minimum deposit of $250. Think about it, such a platform cannot survive long if the users are not making profits. Bitcoin Code has surpassed all expectations, and it thrives from shared funds after users earn profits. This fund is used to manage the system so that we will have the Bitcoin Code active for many more years.

It is such a great idea that the developers make it possible for users to withdraw their profits after transactions in their local currency. This means they can decide to take out initial investments and continue trading with profits.

Significant Features Of The Bitcoin Code

  • Payouts

Traders can withdraw funds daily. We think this is another fantastic idea. This means I can set the auto trading feature to start early and by evening or when I am satisfied with my profits, close transactions, and withdraw funds. Averagely, traders can earn from $1,500 to $13,000 every day.

  • Verification System

Unlike many poorly managed platforms, from our experience, the verification process is not complicated and fast. All we needed to do was enter my name, email address, and phone number. A verification email was sent with a link to activate the new account. And after making a deposit, we tested the trading robots.

  • Withdrawal Funds

Funds can be withdrawn anytime; the withdrawal portal is available 24-hours every day. In our case, the withdrawal was credited to our account in three working days, which seemed very fair. There was no need to contact customer support for assistance.

  • Charges

I was particularly interested in discovering whether there will be hidden charges. Thankfully, I found nothing of that sort. The charges were clearly stated for every user to read and understand. The system is paid 13% of all profits made on the platform. The balance is available for withdrawal at any time.

  • User Testimonials

The testimonial section is also insightful. There are many live videos of happy users which cannot be disputed. The testimonial section gives new users the confidence to take more risks for higher profits. However, as always, it is best to start small as many of the people in the testimonials mentioned.

  • Customer Support

All users can get quick assistance by contacting customer support. We tried this feature, and the response was fast. We also got the information we needed. The customer support system is active 24 hours. However, from personal experience, I don’t think there will be any need to contact customer support except for inquiries because using the Bitcoin Code is a smooth experience.

  • Brokers

After making a deposit, your account is linked to a broker. We had read about this before, and as earlier planned; my team and I selected the auto trade option. Checking through the system, we saw the listings for brokers which showed the different trading times. However, there is no particular preference regarding brokers because they all offer the same profit margin.

Comparing Bitcoin Code And Other Bitcoin Trading Robots

Below, we have drawn our conclusions after comparing Bitcoin Code with others in a tabular form to help you get a clear idea of our discoveries.


Bitcoin Code Other bitcoin robots
Bitcoin Code And Other Bitcoin Trading Robots Bitcoin CodeTrading Robots
We can affirm that there are no hidden charges with the Bitcoin Code.  Many developers out there have embedded different hidden charges in their robots to increase their earnings. Consequently, users earn less or nothing.
 Fast registration. We observed that Bitcoin Code is best for people who are serious about trading cryptocurrencies, no delays, and quick processing. Our account was ready in a few minutes. One of the common complaints by users of trading platforms is a slow registration process. Sometimes the email takes days to be verified; serious traders will lose money in this time.
 Every trader can start using Bitcoin Code without much experience. The system is designed to accommodate beginners and experienced traders. It is risky to sign up on just any other trading platform because they may not have features such as demo accounts and risk settings to protect amateur traders from loss.
 Quick and accurate pay-out. Some platforms freeze user accounts at the time of withdrawal, giving different reasons, which can be very inconvenient.
Real testimonials from active users confirm the authenticity of the Bitcoin Code. The unethical practices on many other platforms discourage traders from keeping their accounts. You can hardly find many traders using those platforms.

How To Maximise Your Profits With The Bitcoin Code

The Bitcoin Code is working for so many traders, and you can create an account from any part of the world. After a close analysis and testing, we have identified some important tips that can help all users maximize profits on the platform.

Here Are Five Tips To Help You Gain More With The Bitcoin Code

  • Start with the minimum investment

As a new user, even if you have been trading before, it is best to start with the minimum deposit of $250. If all goes well, you may not need to make another deposit because you can earn profits with your first trade and reinvest the capital. The chances of making more profit are higher when your investment increases; however, starting with the minimum deposit helps you study the system when real money is used for trading.

  • Withdraw after earning

It is also a great idea to withdraw a part of your funds after making a profit. Averagely, you can decide to withdraw from 25% to 75% after each successful trade. Regarding the volatile cryptocurrency market, this approach, to an extent, protects your funds and reduces risks.

  • Research automated trading

There is so much information on the internet about automated trading. You can find videos on YouTube posted by expert traders who reveal secrets that have helped them succeed with software trading tools such as Bitcoin Code. Learn the strategies that can be applied at the level you are trading and earn more profits.

  • Pay your tax

Never make the mistake of delaying the payment of relevant tax. Keep records of your earnings and investment. There are some accounting applications that can help you calculate your tax, or engage the services of an accountant to avoid issues.

  • Invest wisely

It is not advisable to invest all your savings in trading cryptocurrency. You should only invest spare money to build your passive income from cryptocurrency trading.

Some people have lost much money because they invested without learning about automated trading and how Bitcoin Code works. Many of the people who have lost money will claim the tool is a scam, but they made poor decisions. From our assessment, we can confirm that using Bitcoin Code the right way will help you earn much money and grow your passive income. However, this can happen faster, and without any issues, if you apply the tips, we have presented above.

Bitcoin Code Review: The Verdict!

After careful examination and having put the software to the test, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Code is a fully functional automatic trading and is free to use. Some people think a “robot” should be 100% foolproof, something that it never claims to be. Just because it relies on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning doesn’t mean it can predict the future. It still requires skill and careful planning to get the most out of it.

If users take advantage of the demo account, invest only the minimum $250 to start, and withdraw returns as they earn them, their story could well be a success. This is an innovative platform, one which many people don’t fully understand. Try Bitcoin Code for yourself.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Features
  • Trade

   Bitcoin Code And Other Bitcoin Trading Robots

Free to use

  • 87% claimed win-rate
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort

All trading carries risk

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading software created by the Entrepreneur Steve McKay that claims to make people money by buying and selling bitcoin at the right time. Bitcoin Code has been claimed to have a win-rate of up to 88% of the trades placed. There have been claims online about Bitcoin Code being a scam, however you can read more information in our Bitcoin Code Review

What is the Minimum Deposit Required on Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is actually free to use as an automatic trading software. Bitcoin Code is connected to a range of selected brokers, which usually require a minimum deposit of £/$ 250 to use.

Is Bitcoin Code Endorsed by Elon Musk?

There are rumours about celebrities and successful businessmen such as Elon Musk having invested in Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Loophole. These statements, however, are not true. Elon Musk is in fact an admirer of Bitcoin and what it can do for the financial system, but he has no involvement with Bitcoin Code. You can read more about the celebrities who are said to endorse Bitcoin Code in our dedicated review.

Has Bitcoin Code appeared on Dragons Den?

Dragon’s Den is a TV show where the successful businessmen invest in entrepreneurs and business that look for funding. We haven’t found anything on the internet about Bitcoin Code being featured on Dragons Den. What we did find are many images online, but they are probably fake and misleading.

Is there a Bitcoin Code App?

There is a Bitcoin Code mobile app which is only available for Android users at the moment. You can check out in our review the step-by-step of how to download and install the Bitcoin Code App.

Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Revolution are one of the oldest Bitcoin Robots around the internet. There are several claims about users making profit on a daily basis with them. The best advice we can give you regarding this question is to read our review, try it for yourself and take your own conclusions.

Do I need to Know Anything Else?